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Monday, May 28, 2018

The bully

Unlike Disney,
Where Villains are blueish,
and walk with a background theme.
In reality,
they are regular people
And inside rife evilry.

They aren't all evil,
And ugly.
They are humans- with friends and families
And exist in all types of beauty.

They come to you under the guise of friendship
Making you believe they are good.
But when you turn around
and feel their faces have turned sour,
You've got yourself a bully.

They work covertly.
Playing your mind,
Making you paranoid,
Doubting yourself,
Crushing your spirit,
Your will to strive
And call out for help.

And you don't,
Coz you have been trained to be strong
And fight alone
Coz the bully has penetrated the minds of those
Who oughtta make a difference and they don't.

False promises of help keep you going
You burn,
You gasp
Till you can't take anymore.

And you quit..

because the battle was never yours.

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